Who we are?

The Gam Africa Institute of Leadership (GAIL) is a not for profit charity leadership institution established in 2017 to provide and equip African youths with the necessary “life, soft and emotional skills” to grow and transform into future leaders.

Our Vision

To built confidence and empowered high quality ethical leaders with constructive and critical competencies and innovative Life skills and knowledge for accelerated economic and sustainable development.

Our Mission

To provide pathways that inspire and motivate Africa’s youth to grow, transform and achieve their highest potential.

Our Objectives

To instill and empower African values and principles to youths through soft, life and emotional skills programming in:

  1. Communications;

  2. Thinking and problem-solving, interpersonal and self-directional skills;

  3. Developing learning skills to become citizens of a new world order;

  4. Building strong partnerships with new and existing stakeholders towards a common agenda, supporting initiatives that are led and owned by Gambians;

  5. Strengthening capacity of personal and professional development.

Governing Board


Oley Dibba-Wadda


Vice Chairperson

Bye Malleh Wadda

Director/Board Secretary

Adelaide Sosseh


Finance Representative

Pa Macounba Njie

Public Sector Representative

Habib Jeng

Public Sector Representative

Member of the Parliament

Fatoumata Njie Bathilly 

Legal Representative



Government Representative

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Government Representative

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture

Youth Representative

Ibrahim Ceesay

Youth Representative

Jama Jack

Guiding Principles

  • African Ownership;

  • African Values;

  • High Quality Ethical Leaders;

  • Transformative Leadership;

  • Inspirational Leadership;

  • Role Models;

  • Nurturing Growth;

  • Commitment to Change;

  • Patriotism;

  • Innovation;

  • Integrity;

  • Personal Development;

  • Value Driven;

  • Mutual Trust;

  • Result Oriented;

  • Success;

  • Learning Institution;

  • Partnership;

  • Community Development

What We Do?

The GAIL is the first of its kind to be initiated and set up in The Gambia. It will be replicated in other African countries.

Young people need the opportunity to unleash their potential. The Gambia is now ripe for youths to contribute in the development of the nation especially with the new leadership. African and Gambian youths yearn to be granted agency to allow them do “their own thing” especially following years of 


Enhance soft life and Emotional Skills Through:

  • Mentoring;

  • Coaching;

  • Public Speaking;

  • Reading;

  • Writing;

  • Debates;

  • Motivational Speaking;

  • Bi & Multilingual;

  • Internships;

  • Social and Community Giveback;

  • Voices of the Youths;

  • Political Leadership;

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership;

  • Community Leadership;

  • Marketing Skills;

  • Alumni Network;

  • Experts Forums.


To nurture African values and principles, through training, coaching, mentoring and guidance to enhance leadership qualities, characteristics, and attributes in African youths.


The delivery of The GAIL’s work is mainly through face to face and virtual training. The GAIL is informed by the goals and aspirations of the global Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 and the Africa’s Agenda 2063. These frameworks play a major part in the development of The GAIL’s Strategic Plan 2018-2023.


The GAIL’s leadership development program aims to create a community of talented leaders capable of solving the continent’s most pressing challenges targeting female and male youths between the ages of 16 and 35 years.


The GAIL offers concurrent and complementary support for professional, and personal success through mentoring and coaching to build self-esteem, enhance skills on public speaking, reading and writing (through book clubs and writing workshops).


The GAIL also offers support in communication skills through debating societies, “voices of the youths” and motivational public speaking seminars.


The support also focusses on political, entrepreneurial, marketing, professional, social and community leadership skills as well as critical knowledge and analytical skills through peer reviews. In addition, the

GAIL offers bi and multilingual programs to have a working knowledge of two or more of the official languages used in the African Continent.


By the end of the program, learners will have the opportunity to be seconded on internships within public and private sector institutions as well as shadow high level representatives of public offices.


The GAIL offers initiatives to ensure:

  1. A “give back mechanism” to support learners once they start work or set up their businesses to continue the cycle and empower other youths emerging after them;

  2. Annual innovation forums to award youth innovative ideas for professional and personal development;

  3. Youth initiatives bringing together the public and the private sector to train youths and help them move to sustainable jobs for employability and employment;

  4. Organise experts and leadership forum to find practical solutions to youth unemployment and entrepreneurship solutions;

  5. Hold annual Leadership Congress, where learners will learn from successful professionals from the public and private sectors, and brainstorm and problem solve on key national issues and challenges;

  6. Organise “voices of the youths” a competition that elicits national development issues demonstrating the potential to be replicated and contribute to the progression of the country.


Participants will come together to promote potential solutions to various challenges identified as crucial to national development. Participants will expand their knowledge of the theme in question with an expert from the field. The expert takes them through the history of the subject, and the current challenges and finally exploring existing solutions that have proven innovative, effective and sustainable in addition to equipping the Participants with the necessary tools to develop their expansion strategy.


There will also be boot camps where participants and mentors would work together to prepare on team work and for the competition. In addition, there will be clinics on public speaking to allow participants to work on the delivery of their messages, ensuring that the impact of their solutions

resonates. The competition is televised. Participants are trained in various themes and oral expressions to promote development solutions to national challenges, exposing viewers to proactive, solution-oriented discourse and encouraging a shift in realistic, practical solutions.

Why We Do What We Do?

The challenge for the African continent and The Gambia is that few African countries have a national youth investment fund. Only a handful of organisations have a youth engagement strategy. Few leaders in position of influence, power and wealth have taken the steps or made deliberate efforts to mentor

and coach young people, yet they make up 60% of Africa’s population. The GAIL aims to address burning questions that youths face, for instance, how societies can benefit from a “brain gain“? Many transformational changes on youth development are taking place. Unfortunately, most formal academic

settings are not equipped to deal with these changes and there is a danger of the status quo wanting to do “business as usual“. There is a need for a massive change of mind sets and the current youth are having a difficult task surviving. They have the innovativeness, creativity, energy and strength but

these have been made dormant or pushed to the back burner and now need to be resurected. They also lack the resources and not many are listening to youth voices. When youths are not skilled their productivity level is lower. 

The GAIL has been set up to address the gaps stemming from these as well as the unemployment, underemployment crises that the continent faces amongst the African youths. It further makes reference to the current brain and labor drain and outward illegal migration of African youths to Europe

and other places in search of greener pastures in order to earn a living and send remittances back home to their families. African and Gambian youths in particular form a significant part of the numbers who take this perilous journeys referred to as “the Backway”, risking their lives across the

Mediterranean Sea or across the Sahara Dessert for this reason (OIM Data). While improving their personal economic security is the main consideration a high number are perishing on the way. It is estimated that 0.5% of the Gambian Population take to this perilous journey every year. We would want

to impact on reducing these numbers.