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The Gam Africa Institute of Leadership (GAIL) is a not for profit charityleadership institution established in2017 to provide and equip Africanyouths with the necessary “life, softand emotional skills” to grow andtransform into future leaders.


Our Vision

To built confidence and empoweredhigh quality ethical leaders withconstructive and critical competenciesand innovative Life skills andknowledge for accelerated economicand sustainable development.

Our Mission

To provide pathwaysthat inspire andmotivate Africa’syouth to grow,transform andachieve theirhighest potential.

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Inspiring and Motivating African Youth into Future Leaders.

The GAIL is the first of its kind to be initiated and set up in The Gambia. It willbe replicated in other African countries.Young people need the opportunity to unleash their potential. The Gambia isnow ripe for youths to contribute in the development of the nation especiallywith the new leadership. African and Gambian youths yearn to be grantedagency to allow them do “their own thing” especially following years ofdisenfranchisement.

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The Logo of the GAIL

The Logo of the GAIL is the map of Africa and at the same time, it is also half of the wings of a butterfly with its body. The wing of the butterfly signifies growth from a caterpillar (larva) to a butterfly. The larva stage of the butterfly's life cycle is a time for growth. As caterpillars grow, they shed their exoskeleton and transform into a butterfly. This is what the GAIL is all about – growth and transformation.

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