Oley Dibba-Wadda


Oley Dibba-Wadda is a strategic analyst and expert in international development policy and programming, particularly on education and gender equality in Africa. She is a mentor, a  motivational speaker and a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach.  She is the Founder, President and CEO of the Gam Africa Institute for Leadership (GAIL) and has lead multicultural and multidisciplinary Pan African development organisations and is the current Executive Secretary of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) hosted by the African Development Bank (AfDB). Oley is also the Author of the book titled, "Memoirs of An African Woman on A Mission".

Bye Malleh Wadda

Vice Chairperson

Bye Malleh Wadda holds a Bsc in Management and Marketing, MBA in Finance. He is a Social Entrepreneur and Life Coach, and have worked in finance, project planning and appraisal, economic analysis, education, management and marketing. Mr Wadda is the Founder and coordinator of Gough Foundation involved in Youth development in Academics, Sports and Entrepreneurship. He is a Certified Football Coach to professional and international level. Mentoring and motivational speaker, business development entrepreneurship, and have travelled and worked in four different continents and visited over fifty countries globally.

Mr Wadda has won the sports personality of the year 1996, GAMBIA. Inducted in sports hall of fame GAMBIA. Lifetime achievement award Saint Augustine's High School Alumni Association, USA. Lifetime achievement award Gambia/USA Association, USA. Lifetime achievement award Gough Foundation, The Gambia. Coach of the year 1997 Gambia.

Assan Jaye


Dr Jaye is a Veterinary Medicine degree holder from Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria in 1988 and a PhD on Immunogenetics from Brunel University, UK in 1993.

Dr Jaye became the interim Head of the MRCG Viral Diseases Program in 2008, giving strategic research leadership to the program. He was seconded as Head of West Africa Collaboration from 2010-2015 to the Laboratory of Bacteriology-Virology of Cheikh Anta Diop University in Senegal, when he developed and coordinated a regional collaborative HIV Research and Intervention Network including institutional capacity strengthening program.


Dr Jaye became passionate about mentoring and creating opportunities for aspiring young scientists and in 2016, he changed his career into Researcher Leadership Training and returned to the MRCG Unit to head the Research Training and Career Development department. His past experiences as Coordinator and Chair of the MRCG Higher Degrees Program Committee (from 2004-2010) created opportunities for young researchers to pursue post graduate research studies under the MRCG Research Career Development Support.


Dr Jaye is a member of the MRCG Leadership Board, member and Ad hoc chair of Scientific Coordinating Committee, member of the Gambia Government/MRCG Ethics Committee and Advisory liaison for MRCG with the Gambia Government through the Ministries of Health and Higher Education and Research.


Dr Jaye has mentored several graduate and post-doctoral researchers and have published several research articles. He received professional recognition awards, which include the Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) International Leadership Award (2007); Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences (2015), MRCG Director’s Award for Inspirational Research Leader (2013); Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Science and Technology Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Viral Immunology and Research Training (2017) and the LSHTM Directors award for Excellence and Innovation in Developing Students as Researchers (2018).

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