August 01, 2019

This Boot Camp is three days residential training camp, meant to reorient and integrate the students, intensely in to the different field and aspects of the debating system that they will be introduced to, as well expose them to trainings on all the necessary subject for livelihood or personal development. The participant will be doing numerous activities ranging from (morning Exercises and meditation, community/cleansing exercise, cultural activities, and visit to historical places). Similarly, they will benefit training on importance subjects that are pertinent for livelihood development and expose them to the real world. These include: education to national development, public speaking, Personal Development & Learning skills, Techniques of Debate, critical thinking, etc.

The first round of the debate championship will also be conducted, between the 16 competing schools. Wherein 8 schools will be drop and the 8 winners (luckiest) proceed to the next level of the completion. As indicated, the competition is a six-month period, which successes of a school is base on consistent and team work and effective participatory competition.  

Gail in Partnership with Tech4AllGambia

August 01, 2019

Summer Camp I.T for kid in STEAM activities. Click on the image to fill the online form to register for the program for free.

The GAIL Debate Championship is a designed academic platform that aims at enabling students of the Greater Banjul senior secondary schools, to discover and utilize their potentials in constructive public hard talks (DEBATE). Extracurricular activities are greatly in need to assist the students to be up to standard in sectors of academic. Therefore, this initiative will certainly serve as a window opportunity for students to unlock their talents in different areas including debate, poetry and drama. On this regard, we will offer training for students from sixteen (16) targeted schools on public speaking, critical thinking, and presentation skills and to build their confidence. The competition will expose them to through radio talk shows and TV presentation, and it will be a six-month period.


Empowering young people through public speaking and critical thinking using debate as a tool for change

June 08, 2019

Gam Africa Institute for Leadership (GAIL), on June 8th, 2019, organized the first meeting of all the 16 competing high schools in the 2019 GAIL debate Championship. The event as it commonly called the “Meet and Greet”, brought together all 16 high schools’ students representatives and their teacher coordinators, held at TANGO. The event, primarily was meant to orient the participants about the 2019 GAIL debate championship and all the processes and activities it entails.

This six-month project is clinched on the theme "Empowering young people through public speaking and critical thinking using debate as a tool for change.

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