The Gam Africa Institute of Leadership (GAIL) is a not for profit charity leadership institution established in 2017 to provide and equip African youths with the necessary “life, soft and emotional skills” to grow and transform into future leaders.

Our Objectives

To instill and empower African values and principles to youths through soft, life and emotional skills programming in:

  1. Communications;

  2. Thinking and problem-solving, interpersonal and self-directional skills;

  3. Developing learning skills to become citizens of a new world order;

  4. Building strong partnerships with new and existing stakeholders towards a common agenda, supporting initiatives that are led and owned by Gambians;

  5. Strengthening capacity of personal and professional development.

Guiding Principles
  • African Ownership;

  • African Values;

  • High Quality Ethical Leaders;

  • Transformative Leadership;

  • Inspirational Leadership;

  • Role Models;

  • Nurturing Growth;

  • Commitment to Change;

  • Patriotism;

  • Innovation;

  • Integrity;

  • Personal Development;

  • Value Driven;

  • Mutual Trust;

  • Result Oriented;

  • Success;

  • Learning Institution;

  • Partnership;

  • Community Development

Our Vision

To built confidence and empowered high quality ethical leaders with constructive and critical competencies and innovative Life skills and knowledge for accelerated economic and sustainable development.

Our Mission

To provide pathways that inspire and motivate Africa’s youth to grow, transform and

achieve their highest potential.